Key Result 2: Strengthen capacity to track progress in meeting national objectives to prevent under-nutrition and monitor nutrition investments

Activity 2.1. Create a web interface within UBOS to present statistics from the NIPN

The team acquired cleaned and analysed datasets to produce statistics required for the NIPN web-based interface (or the subnational dashboard). The nutrition dashboard is guided by the nutrition indicators of Uganda as articulated in UNAP-2, in line with NDP III and according to the SUN-MEAL framework. The first draft of the Excel-based NIPN dashboard (Annex 6) was shared with stakeholders and will continuously be revised, based on comments raised by NIPN stakeholders including the GSF. Using the dashboard, a summary 6-page nutrition dashboard was produced as attached in (Annex 7). As an example, the first page of the current dashboard shows the nutrition situation (in the perspective of child stunting) in the country (see Figure 1).  Clearly, the maps below show that it is only one sub-region (out of 15) that had reduced child stunting by 2016. It would be interesting to see how much progress or vice-versa is achieved in the next round of national surveys, expected in 2021.

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