Key Result 1. Create capacity within national institutions to operate and maintain a National Information Platform for Food and Nutrition.

Activity 1.1 Support the establishment of a Project Management Unit (PMU) within the OPM

The OPM appointed a Project Director, a Coordinator/National Senior Policy Advisor, a Finance & Administrative Officer and a Project Assistant to ensure efficient project management, support, follow-up and reporting. Office space was allocated to the Project Management Unit (PMU) in Postel Building, and the project operations begun in March 2019. However, the procurement of computers, software and other equipment was not achieved in 2019 because the procurement process is still on-going. Due to no funds allocated for office renovations, the NIPN PMU office moved from Postel Building to Ruth Towers in December 2019.

Activity 1.2 Support the policy process through the NIPN Policy Unit within the OPM

Activity1.3. Support the NIPN Policy Advisory Committee under OPM leadership

Activity 1.4 Establish the NIPN Analysis Unit within UBOS

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