Uga nda is a leade r in health security, and thi s ha s been demonstrated in the rapid containment of previous outbreaks such as Ebol a Virus Disease. In addition, Uga nda is cha mpi oning the fightaga inst Antimicrobial Resi st ance through surveillanc e and research in both human and animal sector s. We are also building capacities for an int egrated National Laborator y System for quick de tection of pr ior ity inf ectious age nt s. As a si gnator y to the Int ernational Health Regulations 2005, the country undertook implement ation towards compliance by scaling up of Int egr ated Dise ase Sur ve illance and Response (IDSR) and capacity building of Rapi d Response Teams.

The operationalization of the Public Health Emergenc y Operation Cent re (PHEOC) in 2014, pr ovide d a pl atfor m for multi-sectoral collaboration dur ing response to public health emerge ncies. A Memorandum of Understanding was si gned in 2016 be tween Mini st ry of Health, Mini st ry of Agr iculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries, Mini st ry of Water and Environment and Uga nda Wildlife Aut hority to for m t he National One H ealth Platfor m. Uga nda piloted the Global Health Security Age nda in 2013 and continues to st rengthe n gl obal health security capacities thr ough collaboration and partnership with va rious de ve lopment andimplementing partners.

Following the Joint External Evalua tion in 2017, multisectoral teams de ve loped the National Plan for Health Secur ity 2019 -2023 under the guida nc e of the Office of the P rime Mini st er.The pl an aims to secure the he alth and wealth of 41 million Uga ndans as well as vi sitors, tourist s and travellers to Uga nda. With the inc rease in trave l and trade, the country ha s witnessed over the pa st 35 ye ars, we need to st rengthe n the health security capacity to avoid the losse s fromlarge public health events. The est imated cost of 160 billion shillings (USD 43 million) for implement ation of t hi s plan will be sourced thr ough inc or poration int o the National Deve lopment Plan III a s well as additional f unding from our health partners

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